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Welcome to Organic Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Incorporated in the year 1980, we are one of the trusted manufacturers & exporter of inorganic chemicals, water softener chemicals and water treatment chemicals that includes Potassium Permanganate, Boric Acid, Boron Products & Micro Nutrients and many more chemicals. We were started with the aim to offer chemicals that are known for their unmatched quality and purity... read more
november 2008 Organic Ind. launches new websites
october 2008 Organic Ind. enters into organic chemicals, Potassium Permanaganate, Boric Acid, Boron products, Micro-nutrients.
A dark purple crystalline compound, used as an oxidizing agent and disinfectant...
A water-soluble white or colorless crystalline compound, used as an antiseptic...
A substance, such as a vitamin or mineral, that is essential in minute amounts for the proper growth...
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