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We at Organic Industries Ltd. are always in look out for business expansion and hence we are always in look-out for suppliers / dealers, suppliers do get in touch with us for business.
We would like to source the following materials
  • Caustic potash (KOH) in lye form - 48 to 50% strength

  • 2 manganese Dioxide MNO2 in power form particle size minimum 90% passing through 300 mesh, purity 80% - 82% MNO2. Sliica less 5% as SiO2 iron less 5% AS 'Fe' moisture less than 1%

  • Coal having calorific value as minimum 5500 kcals / KG

  • Hydrated Lime munimum 90% pure

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74, 1st Main, Lower Palace Orchards, Opp. Hotel Swaadishta,
Sadashiv Nagar,
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